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Amy studied Graphic Design and Multimedia for nearly 6 years at different colleges. She is a recent grad in Multimedia from Cal State East Bay. Amy grew up in Southern California and spent a lot of her time in Oceanside by the beach. She then moved to the Bay area to pursue her career as a designer. After graduation, she will begin her next adventure in Portland, Oregon. She really enjoys camping, craft beers, and cartoons which is where a lot of her designs find their influence. She never leaves the house without a drawing pad. Her major influences are Larry David, Walt Disney, and a lot of local Bay Area Illustrators.

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My Life is Hard

This was one of my favorite projects to work on. It is called "My Life is Hard." It is an interactive animated I illustrated using Illustrator and Animated using After Effects. I loved drawing these characters, and making the story. It was a lot of fun. The challenge was the interactive part. There are so many ways a story can go, and it was hard to decide what I wanted people to see. I wanted the audience to have a fun time, and want to go back and try the other options. I used a website called Treehouse Interlude for the interactivity of the videos. My inspiration was old Goosebumps books where you decide the ending.

Jealousy of a Child

This was a short film I wrote and directed for my video editing class. I had a lot of fun coming up with this story, and having the opportunity to showcase my own ideas was really great. I shot this on my iphone, and I used Premiere for video editing. This project made me realize I really enjoy video editing, and I want to do more short films and animations.

How to be a cat owner. . .

I call this animation "How to be a cat owner when you're a dog lover". I got my inspiration from watching ridiculous how to videos, and I wanted it to be just as fun. I really enjoyed making this project, and it helped me find my niche as far as illustrating goes. I used Illustrator for all of the type and characters, and I used After Effects for the animations. I plan to add some more steps, so stay stuned!